All prices are FEE PLUS GROCERIESThis allows me to be able to select the highest quality of ingredients. 

​*organic is available upon request

Includes one appropriate side dish per entree

(unless the entree is an all-in one as stated in the

menu selection sheet; example Beef Stew,

which includes a meat, carbohydrate, and vegetables).

I have used Catered by Kristin for both personal and business events and recommend her highly. She is very professional, extremely talented and creative in helping navigate various food allergies.  

5 entrees, 4 servings     $375 plus cost of groceries (20 meals)

5 entrees, 6 servings     $375 plus cost of groceries (30 meals)

4 entrees, 4 servings     $350 plus cost of groceries (16 meals)

4 entrees, 6 servings     $350 plus cost of groceries (24 meals)

3 entrees, 4 servings     $330 plus cost of groceries (12 meals)
3 entrees, 6 servings     $330 plus cost of groceries (18 meals)

​*Other options may be available upon request, 

please contact Chef Kristin for more information.

Standard Pricing Includes:

*Client consultation

*Custom Menu planning

*Grocery shopping and meal preparation of entrees with applicable side dish

*Meal packaging/storage **extra fees apply for individual vacuum sealing

*Heating instructions with menu

*Kitchen clean-up 

*Container Fee*

Containers will be purchased and paid for by the client. Chef Kristin will give you the two types of containers she recommends for your o purchase before the first cook day. The containers are left in your home and are yours to keep and the fee will be charged to client. Chef Kristin will be glad to use your containers if approves during the client consultation. 

*Vacuum Sealing*

Pricing for vacuum sealing your meals will depend of your packaging needs and will be determined before your first cook date. This fee will be added to your service.

  • Personalized weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cooking 

  • group Cooking Classes

  • private cooking classes

  • dinner parties

  •  catering 

  • Consulting (navigating the road of Gltuen free and Paleo) 

  • Gift certificates 

  • Made to order charcuterie boards 

-Minka Mcdonald

Kristin came to my rescue after my mother's open-heart surgery. Mom was put on a strict heart-healthy, low sodium diet, which was a challenge not only because mom didn't have the energy to meal plan, shop, cook, and clean, but also because she had never had such serious restrictions on her day-to-day diet before. Kristin handled everything and the meals were delicious, fresh, and healthy. This service really helped our family through one of the most difficult times in our lives. We are so grateful for this awesome little business run by this super special lady!

-Alisha rand


Catered by Kristin served exquisite entrees at our dinner party. Our guests are still talking about how amazing the food and service was! Thank you Chef Kristin!

Chef Kristin has been a lifesaver for our family. She has been cooking weekly for us and we love all of her meals. We are so happy to have a chef that is knowledgeable in gluten free cooking.

main services

I have used Kristin's services many times and I'm so excited that Catered by Kristin is now offering Dietary Lifestyle Consulting. With a recent diagnosis of MS, I decided to eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet. Kristin has a wealth of knowledge to share on dietary needs and I'm so thankful for all of her support, recipes, and "swap outs" to make changing my diet at 46 a lot easier. Everything she has recommended not only tastes good but also is good for you.

-Kelly Smith

Personal Chef services- Standard Pricing

-The Haacke Family 

​​​​Gluten Free and Paleo Personal Chef Services