Kristin Sullinger is the chef and owner of Catered by Kristin. Chef Kristin has over 15 years of experience cooking for clients and is happy to be serving people in Naples, Florida. Chef Kristin is passionate about food, health, and nutrition. She prides herself on making each and every cook date, event, or grazing table special. Careful planning and attention to detail, delicious food, and the freshest ingredients possible are a few of the reasons why you should consider hiring Chef Kristin. She is a proud member of the United States Personal Chefs Association  and has her Food Safety First Principals Certificate from the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.

In 2015 Chef Kristin found out that she had a severe gluten allergy that had been lying dormant in her body for most of her life. She spent years dealing with horrible pain in her body and lots of inflammation. After many trips to the doctor and a rheumatologist, along with many blood tests, she was finally diagnosed with a unknown autoimmune disease as well as osteoarthritis. At this point, the only thing the rheumatologist could offer was pain medication. That was something Chef Kristin knew that she could not take each day. At that point she knew she was going to need to alter how she ate, without sacrificing flavor. She was determined to make her new dietary lifestyle work so that she could live her life feeling good. Chef Kristin has spent countless hours finding the best recipes to use with her clients and has been creating her own recipes to share with others. 

Chef Kristin continues to educate herself on how food can heal the body and how eating can help people who have autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, food, and skin allergies, as well as many other diseases. 

​Chef Kristin grew up living in Southwest Florida from the time she was 10 years old, spending her days at the beach or boating. She moved away from Southwest Florida in her early 20's. She met her now husband Gary and they were married in 2000. They moved a few times with Gary's career, spending time in Arizona and Texas. During that time they welcomed three daughters, Sophie, Grace, and Gabriella. In 2009 they knew that they wanted to be back in Southwest Florida and made the move "home". Chef Kristin continues to love her time at the beach, enjoys kayaking, gardening, a great sunset, entertaining, and being a mom and wife.


​​​​Gluten Free and Paleo Personal Chef Services