Dietary Lifestyle Consulting

Navigating the Road of Gluten Free and paleo

​​​​Gluten Free and Paleo Personal Chef Services

Some of the topics that will be covered in your consultation:

~What is gluten free
~What is Paleo

~Brands that offer Gluten free and Paleo products 

​~Restaurants that offer gluten free menu/ and or options

~How to eat out when the restaurant does not offer a gluten free menu

​~Gluten Free and/or Paleo safe foods to eat list

~Foods that cause inflammation 

​~Cookbook Options 


~Pantry items and clean out 

~Alcohol (what you can and can not have) 

~Eating at theme parks and airports

These are just some of the things that can be covered in your consultation;

what is covered will be determined by your individual needs. 

Chef Kristin has been 100% gluten free since 2015 after discovering she had a severe gluten allergy that had been laying dormant in her for most likely all of her life. As an avid food lover, she was not only concerned about what she would eat, but was concerned about how she would continue to cook for her clients. Chef Kristin began reading and researching all about how and why gluten affected people and learned that 1 in 5 people were gluten free and suffered from either a gluten allergy or sensitivity.

A few years later, Chef Kristin was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and an unknown auto-immune disease. Once again, she began reading anything she could get her hands on in the hopes to learn all that she could in order to help herself. This lead to Chef Kristin doing her first Whole30. It was not only life changing, but made her realize that she needed to live a Paleo lifestyle in order to feel her absolute best. At the same time she knew that she needed to begin developing her own recipes due to the small amount of Paleo cookbooks on the market. Her research and learning never stopped. She began reading labels, researching online for different brands, and cooking as many Paleo dishes as she could. 

Chef Kristin offers consulting in order to help anyone in need of learning how to live a gluten free or Paleo lifestyle. Whether you suffer from an allergy, sensitivity, an auto-immune disease,  or any other health situation that calls for changing your diet to gluten free or Paleo, Chef Kristin can help you.

These consultations can be in person (if local to Naples, Florida and the surrounding areas that Chef Kristin caters to) or can be done via Zoom.

$75 per hour (with a 1 hour minimum for each session) - these may be set up based on the clients need. A 2-3 hour consultation will be needed in order to get you started.

 These sessions are created based on the clients need.