​Often I get asked "what is the Whole30"? The Whole30 program was designed back in 2009 and eliminates all foods that are inflammatory to the body for thirty days, then ten days of reintroduction of those foods to see how you tolerate them. The foods that get eliminated for the thirty days are grains, legumes, sugar (including maple syrup and stevia), alcohol, dairy, sulfites, and carrageenan. Whole30 has plenty of resources on their website, including this Whole30 printable program rules sheet.

The next questions I get asked, "is it hard"? "What do you eat"? Hard, it is defiantly a challenge, but as I said when I wrote my Whole30 journey, I was in such a bad place, I needed to try something. For me, it was life changing the first time I did the Whole30 and I had not felt that good for years and years. I think living in constant pain is a lot harder than a round of Whole30. As for what you can eat, you eat real whole foods. Beef, poultry, fish, pork, lamb, vegetables, potatoes, fruits, and eggs. Head to this link for the Whole30 program rules that you can print out. 

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